It is only through research that we will improve the treatment options and outcomes for our patients. Mr Bache has been active in this area for 20 years and has published more than 30 articles in peer reviewed journals and presented his work throughout the world. He is also keen to encourage other surgeons in this area . In the West Midlands he is the secretary of the ‘Naughton Dunn’ club which is a twice yearly forum for Orthopaedic trainees to present ongoing research projects in the region.

Much of Mr Bache’s research work has been clinically based. He has a particular interest in Paediatric hip disease and Bone/joint infection and his papers have been quoted in several concensus publications regarding best practice for these conditions.

He is also an international expert on the management of Inherited metabolic diseases. He has presented his work on the management of lower limb deformity in Mucopolysaccaridosis in countries as far apart as Hong Kong, Russia and the USA.

Mr Bache is involved in two major prospective trials. Although hip arthroscopy has seen an explosion of interest over the past 5 years there is a lack of quality randomized trials to support the technique. Mr Bache is principle investigator in Birmingham for the FASHIoN study which is attempting to answer this question. Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SUFE/SCFE) is much better understood but the management varies widely throughout the UK. Mr Bache is part of a group of Children’s surgeons across the country who are attempting to define the optimum treatment algorithms for this condition.