Before I had my operation I fell over a lot because my knee was not strong enough. I always got worried in P.E at school because I didn’t want to hurt myself.  After my operation I wore a cast on my leg to stop me bending it and had to walk with a frame. The cast came off after a few weeks and I was allowed to bend my knee again.

I don’t worry about hurting myself anymore, my knee is strong and I can do all the things I want to.  I love dancing and gymnastics, and doing P.E at school. I have just got my 2000 metre swimming badge as well, so I am really pleased that I had my operation.

Eloise Jordan age 7


Miriam was diagnosed with DDH in November 2008 when she was aged three years and eight months.  We always explained to Miriam what was happening, that she would have an operation, be unable to walk for a period of time but would walk again.  She underwent four hours of surgery to reconstruct her hip in December 2008 and stayed in hospital for two nights.  The operation was very upsetting but the staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital were very supportive.  Mr Bache put us in touch with another family whose child who had undergone a similar procedure which was a great help.  Miriam was in a full spica for about 5 weeks and half spica for 4 weeks.  After care was hard, we tried to keep life as normal as possible.  Though Miriam was potty trained we opted to put her back into nappies, she was able to fit in a pushchair and when in a half spica could fit in a car seat.  Miriam took everything in her stride and was amazing.  It took Miriam about a month to walk after the spica had been removed and her hip was very stiff therefore she had hydrotherapy for a month, followed by physiotherapy.  In March 2010 she had the plates and pins removed from her left femur.  She was in theatre for about an hour and came home that day.  It took her about a week to walk after that procedure.  Her scars are now barely visible.  She leads an active life, cycling, swimming and playing tennis just like any other seven year old.  You would never know what she has been through.  She has no fear of whatsoever of hospitals.  The care Miriam has received at Birmingham Children’s Hospital under Mr Bache and his team has been exemplary.  We have always felt able to ask questions and call for help when needed. 


Our son was born with a fixed talapese on his right foot in 2004.From birth he was casted from his knee to his foot,after several weekly visits to hospital to have the cast replaced and the foot manipulated into position,he had to then wear  what was called boot and bars,(little open toed boots with a bar to connect them).This had to be worn twenty four hours a day. Even whilst sleeping.(This may sound as if it might have stopped him being mobile,but he soon managed to master the art of getting around with them on).Although this method helped a little,and apparently in most cases we were told is very successful: when he was twelve months old he was referred to Mr Bache at birmingham children's hospital who then suggested that we go back to casting for six weeks,from the thigh to foot,and he also suggested an operation to release the tendons in the foot to give him a better shaped foot and more flexibility.

Mr Bache was most reassuring an he explained the procedure in detail,and kept us informed at all times.

After the operation we were both worried just in case this also hadn't worked,and that he would be left with a club foot and a scar for nothing. We couldn't have been more wrong, the operation went fine,and he was left with hardly any scar at all. He is now nearly eight and he refers to his scar as his special foot,and it doesn't bother him at all.

As for movement and flexibility his right foot is more flexible than his left! The only way now that you can tell that he has had a problem with his feet is when we take him for new shoes and his right foot is half a size smaller than his left,but this is so in most people.

Mr and Mrs Jeffries (parents of Leon)

Whilst my daughter, Madison nor I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Bache, we had fantastic support and help to resolve what was wrong with Madison.  Madison (12 years old) had severe daily back pain, and it was of great support that I was able to make contact with Dr Bache and Sarah to discuss how to identify the nature of the problem; this included Sarah looking for other specialist consultants and hospitals who had availability to see Madison on an urgent basis and making additional calls to those concerned explaining Madison's case.  Madison ended up having an MRI scan one late Monday evening in London, Sarah tracked down the MRI results and asked Dr Bache to look at the results urgently and remotely (from his Birmingham Priory Road practice).  Dr Bache confirmed that Madison' results showed that there was something wrong, but not with her back.  I was extremely pleased and astonished with the depth of help received from Dr Bache and Sarah,  particularly the Sarah's use of her network to determine the hospitals and consultants available to see Madison on a urgent basis (as her pain intensified).  The outcome that I am delighted to report is that Madison had her operation couple of days later and has now, several weeks later, made a full recovery.

Those parents who are reading this will understand how difficult it is to helplessly watch your child deal with pain; the fantastic help and support that was received from Dr Bache and Sarah quickly and conclusively resolved Madison's medical issue.

We will be always very grateful to you both.

K and M Hale

My name is Kate Chattaway and I am now 13 years of age.

When I was 12 I had to attend Ward 11 at Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital under the care of Dr Bache as the bone in my hip joint was shallow and I needed a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy and the surgery might last up to 5 hours. 

When attending the pre-op assessment the reality of the operation hit me and I became very scared and even fainted.  I was told exactly what my operation entailed but was given information on how to deal with things and what to expect.   I started to have panic attacks but was told to do breathing exercises, which I did and they definitely helped.  All of the staff that I saw on that day were really helpful and put my mind at ease.

On the morning of the operation, again I was told of everything that was going to happen to me. My parents were with me throughout which really helped.  I was going to have to be cut in two places and bone taken from my pelvis to put in my hip joint.  Even when I was waiting to go into theatre the staff were making me laugh and talking about holidays and things that made me happy.  My Mum and Dad were still with me. 

The next thing I knew Mum and Dad were looking at me and I was in recovery.  I was very drowsy and couldn’t feel my legs but was told that this was to be expected.

I stayed in Ward 11 7 days and the whole time I was cared for very well and in no time I was walking with crutches and then allowed home.  Dr Bache even phoned the hospital to see how I was when he was on holiday.

Whilst I would have preferred not to have an operation, I almost missed being in Ward 11 with everyone being so kind and friendly to me.  My biggest thank you is to Doctor Bache who has mended my hip, I am eternally grateful.

Kate Chattaway

I first went to visit Mr Bache in May 2010 with severe pain and walking difficulty in my left hip. Having been born with dysplasia of the left hip joint that went undetected for over a year, I had surgery when I was a toddler and had not experienced any real issues until early 2010. Walking had become extremely painful, even over short distances, and the range of movement from my hip joint became increasingly limited. I was thoroughly fed up to say the least. From the off, Mr Bache was extremely helpful and explained the options available to me. Although it was a worrying time for my family and I, he explained things thoroughly and in a way that I didn't have to be a medical scientist to understand (!). After careful consideration, he recommended performing a triple pelvic osteotomy on my left hip, and 2 months later, I was booked in for the operation.

Everything before the procedure was explained to me thoroughly by Mr Bache and I cannot fault the service I received. He and his team made this difficult time in my life a lot easier to deal with and the aftercare I received was second to none. Any questions, worries, or queries I had were answered and it really made me feel I was in the best possible pair of hands. The recovery time was around 4 months and, after a fairly strict physic plan, my left leg is now almost as strong as my right and I simply cannot believe the difference it has made to my life. I hardly experience any pain at all now and have even gained some of my range of movement back in my hip. The scars are barely visible and it all healed really quickly.

There is absolutely no ounce of regret with regards to my decision to have this operation and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the service provided to me by Mr Bache to other patients.

I am now living pain free and, although I may need further surgery as I get older, for now, I have my life back. And for that, I will be be forever grateful to the wonderful man and surgeon, that is Mr Bache.

Vicki Spink