Imhauser (Intertrochanteric) Osteotomy

For more severe slips the hip can be pinned as for a mild slip. This will stop further slippage but the leg will remain short and the hip exernally rotated. This can be compensated for by dividing the femur just below the base of the femoral neck. The proximal bone is then tilted and rotated. The position is held with a plate and screws. In most instances the ‘bump’ of bone at the junction between the neck and head of the femur is trimmed at the same time (osteoplasty). This operation requires a 15-20cm scar on the side of the leg and patients will be in hospital for 3-4 days. Weight has to be kept off the leg until the bone has become solid (united). This takes about 6 weeks and patients will need to use crutches for this period.

This operation will reliably restore leg length and internal rotation. It will not eliminate the risk of later development of arthritis although hip survival will be enhanced in most patients.

This operation is indicated for children and adults up to the age of about 25yrs who have previously had Severe (grade II-III) SUFE.